WellSpent Saturday

The Pain of Paying!

WellSpent Saturday


Hey WellSpent Friends!

We love watching inspiring and informative talks on Saturdays. It’s great to just take a step back and think about things. The week is so full and we hardly have any time to think. So Saturday is the day for some WellSpent thinking.

Saturday should be that day when you sit back and take stock. We love taking Saturday mornings to learn and to be inspired, encouraged and re-energised. Today we have a talk by one of our favourite authors (and people!), Dan Ariely.

Today we hear from Dan why paying for a dinner with cash feels worse than paying with a credit card. Dan also shares how we can get the most enjoyment from our next holiday!


We hope that you have enjoyed this short detour. If it has made you think a bit about what you value, please feel free to get in touch. Tweet us with a #WellSpent to @WellSpentZA.

Have a great day!

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