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Welcome to “Time WellSpent”. Our editors gather valuable talks and interviews related to Personal Finance and we hope that you get to spend some time learning from some amazing people.

Vinny Lingham

Being entrepreneurial

We sat down with Vinny and asked him to share his thoughts on what it meant to be an entrepreneur vs. simply being ‘entrepreneurial’. It turns out…

Samuel Seeff

Property Investment

We were very fortunate to have Samuel Seeff give of his time and share this thoughts on what it means to own residential property in South Africa…


From passion to award-winning business

Having an entrepreneurial mindset in all that you do, is something that we at WellSpent will be championing as the months go by. Not everyone may feel…

Hugo Nelson

Savings & Asset Management

Some fantastic advice and insight into some basic principles of personal finance from a very humble and extremely knowledgeable expert. Listen to Hugo state some obvious but…

People who Rock

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