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Welcome to “Time WellSpent”. Our editors have put together a series of interviews with financially independent South Africans, and leaders in their fields. We cut out the blah blahs, strip down the remaining ums and ahs, and give you their valuable financial advice.

Hugo Nelson

Investing and Investors

This is the second part of a previous interview we had with Hugo Nelson, former CEO of Coronation Fund Managers. We’ve held this piece back as Hugo…

Vinny Lingham – The Productivity of Failure

In our follow-up interview with Vinny we asked what about entrepreneurship appealed to him, and when others might consider pursuing an entrepreneurial venture. Vinny shares his thoughts…

What is Retirement?

We asked a few of our guests what it meant to them

In our introductory article on retirement, we defined what it might mean to “retire”. As our guests reveal, it’s something quite personal. Either way, our goal is…

Peter Bond

Protecting your ability to earn an income

We get that paying for any grudge purchase is tough, so rather than hear us repeatedly try and convince you about the benefits of life cover, income…

What is wealth?

Our experts weigh in

For a while now we’ve talked about wealth, used the word rather liberally, and cunningly steered clear of defining it. We have however admittedly hinted that savings may…

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