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How to set up an emergency fund

Step 1

Hi there. In this short blog post I’ll rough out my own emergency fund, hopefully giving you a good example of how to tackle yours. Then, in…

Half-way mark

Expense tracking

Well, it’s been about two weeks of expense tracking thus far, and here’s what I’ve learned: There are a lot of little things. It’s very easy to…

Build a better bomb-proof bunker for your money

The dos, don’ts, wheres, and hows of setting up an emergency fund

When mulling over your options for places to build your emergency fund, you should bear in mind a couple of fundamental principles that we’ve discussed in recent…

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Expense Tracking. It’s all the rage

Expense Tracking. It’s all the rage. All the cool kids are doing it. I’m doing it. GoPro is strapping cameras to professional, extreme expense trackers and calling…

Mayday! Mayday! The bank balance is going down!

When it rains, you want to be the person who brought an umbrella

“Rainy day fund”, “emergency fund”, “money under the mattress” – call it what you will, but most of you will need a stash of cash at some…

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