No Fear

What have you already packed for the journey?

Unpacking before we pack. Let’s agree on what we are taking with us. Hi there, Journey-Man here again! Now that I have come to terms with the…


Gathering Information

Gathering information or gathering storm? It’s Journey-Man here again, the late-starter! What a strange week this has been. Last week, as a late-starter, I decided to start thinking…

Journey-Man the Late-Starter

Are you also worried that you may have left things too late?

Journey?   I met a guy recently, I will call him Journey-Man. Journey-Man is a guy who started asking himself some tough questions about savings and investments….

Listen up, late starters

Building a sound retirement strategy when you’re slow off the mark

One of the more common questions we get asked, is along the lines of: “What do I do if I’ve left retirement saving a bit late in…

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