Do we have any financial options?

Or are we chained to our mistakes?

Hey fellow traveler, it’s me Journey-Man and I’ve been wondering, when it comes to my financial future, do I have any real financial options? “Do we have any…

Basic Personal Finance

Laying the foundation

Hey there! it’s me again, the Journey-Man and I’m still taking a good look at basic personal finance so that we can lay our foundation. This is…

Back to Financial Basics!

Eish! Can it be this simple?

Let’s get (back) to financial basics. Hey fellow-traveler, it’s me, Journey-Man and I am in month two of my financial journey. I am starting to understand  there…

Join the Kickstart!

Start the journey and stand a chance to win!

Sign-Up to Kickstart and you could win! During August we’re inviting you to join the WellSpent Kickstart. Based on the amazing feedback received from our readers we’ve…

Late-Starter Reader Feedback

We love to hear from you!

We love to hear from our readers! A few weeks ago Brendan, the amazing blogger-guy from Take Charge Of Your Money, interviewed Tebogo. Tebogo is one of…

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