How to not screw up your short-term insurance

Because it's so easy to do

One thing we haven’t talked much about here at WellSpent is short-term insurance. Not that it isn’t important – far from it. We had up until now…

Pet Insurance

They already have more expensive food than you

A slight deviation from our usual unapologetic rants about personal finance and paying investment fees for things that add no value, for a brief personal account of…

Private medical costs might be heading to the moon

TL;DR Gap cover is still cheaper than a space suit

People are often understandably skeptical about financial products that are suggested to them. Prior mis-selling of financial products (although mainly on the investment side), destroyed a large…

In pursuit of the perfect Medical aid strategy

Can it be this simple?

For some time now, there has been a suggestion doing the rounds for the perfect medical coverage. We’ll attempt to interrogate this hypothesis and give you the…

How to choose the best GAP cover

Keep premiums low, but not too low.

Trick headline! No financial product is THE best. Financial products can only ever be the right one for you and your circumstances. So let’s just get that…

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