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The good, the fad, and the ugly

Your money or your life

You think you can ignore advertising, but you can’t. To test this, imagine wearing the house brand fashion label for Pep Stores or Shoprite. If that idea…

Are Financial Advisors worth it?

An article on Financial Advisors, Trust, and accepting some humility

Money is a funny thing. When you don’t have it, you stress about paying the bills – when you do have it, you worry that you’re going…

7 things I learned that helped me quit my day job and follow my dreams

For real

Ola! Long time no see! Apologies to my die hard fan for being out of touch for so long (hi, mom!). The editors of WellSpent have asked…

How to take the pain out of offshore investments

What’s the Rand at today?

Being South Africans, the Rand’s performance relative to other major currencies is often a topic for conversation and expletives. The media loves to report on Rand weakness…

You’re only human, and that’s the problem

How to stop the biggest threat to your financial future – you.

You would be naïve to think that the daily financial decisions that you make are made in isolation from your emotional ones. In our very first article,…

People who Rock

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