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A good reason NOT to pay off your debt

Yes, there is one.

One of the most contentious things we’ll say in our series of posts over the next year is that we believe it’s more important to set up…

The really really easy way to set up an emergency fund

You’re one giant leap closer to financial awesomeness.

Well, hello there. You’re looking financially literate today. The serious bit. Today I want to take you through the process of setting up your Emergency Fund, step…

Team up with Time, double-cross Inflation

His buddies call him CI, and he’s the most popular kid in school.

The power of compound interest and its beneficial outcomes for those on the fortunate[1] side of the finance equation is a well-known one. Financial institutions talk about…

How to set up an emergency fund

Step 1

Hi there. In this short blog post I’ll rough out my own emergency fund, hopefully giving you a good example of how to tackle yours. Then, in…

Income Tax on your interest

Taking the “Fun” out of “Emergency Fund”

  Having recently discussed the building of an emergency fund and since the returns on this are likely to be largely interest, we’ll discuss the income tax…

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