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We love to hear from you!

We love to hear from our readers! A few weeks ago Brendan, the amazing blogger-guy from Take Charge Of Your Money, interviewed Tebogo. Tebogo is one of…

Emergency Fund – You really do need one!

Because Life Happens Quickly!

Another Emergency-Fund Article. Really? Given the vast amounts of information already out there, you may be asking if we ever need another article on emergency funds. I…

Do I Need Self-Control?

Talking to Future-Me

Hey fellow traveller, it’s me again, Journey-Man and we need to deal with the tough topic of self-control. A month (you know the long days between pay-days)…

Credit Card War!


Hey fellow traveler, it’s me again – Journey-Man, Truth Time I don’t need a credit card. In my war on debt, my credit cards are Public Enemy…

I Need A Scoreboard?

We need to know if we are winning

Hey, it’s me again. the Journey-Man I’ve been thinking about the scoreboard. I spent some time this week looking back to make sure that I haven’t forgotten…

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