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How to not screw up your short-term insurance

Because it's so easy to do

One thing we haven’t talked much about here at WellSpent is short-term insurance. Not that it isn’t important – far from it. We had up until now…

Financial advisors: They’re human too.

Apparently. We're awaiting further tests.

This is my new financial advisor, Jason. As you can see, Jason is not a monster. This was a surprise to me, as I assumed that all…

Peter Bond

Protecting your ability to earn an income

We get that paying for any grudge purchase is tough, so rather than hear us repeatedly try and convince you about the benefits of life cover, income…

Critical illness cover

Just when you thought you were fully insured

It goes by many names (Dread Disease, for example) but it’s all the same thing; an insurance policy that pays you an amount of money if you…

The insurance you don’t want, but absolutely need

The big, annoying hole in Medical Aid cover

We’re all familiar with medical aid schemes, which help you avoid your worst fear as suggested by the media – ending up in a state hospital. But…

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