Product aggregation and comparison terms of use

Some of the features we maintain on this website both aggregate and compare financial products that are offered by other financial services companies. WellSpent does this in a way that we trust will assist our readers and visitors to our site to make meaningful comparisons, on a number of criteria – not just price.

The Editors do not feel that there is merit in showing you every single product or offering, and we do from time to time, limit the number of comparable products shown. In such circumstances, we will always list all the products or offerings that we do not provide researched information on, enabling you to do further research or make further inquiries on those products should you choose to.

Our comparison tools and information will detail the criteria we have employed to select those financial products or services we have chosen to list.

We have also gone to great pains to ensure that how we present the information and how we allow you to filter or view the products, does not in any way create a bias or favour for a particular product or supplier. If you think we have failed at this, please let us know.

WellSpent has no vested interest in any financial services company offering and financial products or services that we list.

We have where we thought necessary, provided enhanced comparability for certain financial products, with a view to affording you the best opportunity to make an informed decision as to what is most appropriate for your needs.

Where technical terms are used, we have provide clarity as to what those terms mean, either in relation to that specific financial product, or the industry in general. If something is not clear and you feel that you need more clarity, we would encourage you to contact the owner or issuer of the financial product and request further details from them. We have otherwise tried to communicate all details and terms in easy to understand and clear language.

We have where possible, listed all costs and charges associated with a particular financial product or service. Where some costs are not specifically determinable, we will draw your attention to the fact that additional charges or fees may be applicable and what they might relate to.

We will always publish up to date information in relation to any products or services that we profile and will actively publish the date on which the information was last updated.

WellSpent may choose to enter into relationships with select registered financial services providers (‘FSP’), whereby WellSpent may earn a referral fee from such FSP for introducing a WellSpent reader to that FSP, in relation to a financial product or service that a WellSpent reader has expressed interest in through our website. In such circumstances, this will again be drawn to your attention at the time that you express interest in the product or service on our website. This referral fee will never cost you anything, nor make the acquisition of a financial product or service any more expensive than it might otherwise have been.

We maintain a list of all registered FSPs with whom we have a professional relationship. This list can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you have any complaints about how WellSpent presents any financial products on this site you are very welcome to contact the editorial staff at

It is also very important to understand that WellSpent does not ever sell or contract with its readers and never enters into a contractual relationship with regard to any financial services or products. Should you decide that a financial product meets your needs or you would like to make further enquiries about a particular financial product, then that communication will always take place with a licensed financial services provider.

WellSpent embraces and welcomes all the suggestions and recommendations made in the Financial Services Board’s Retail Distribution Review – more specifically the provisions relating to the recommendations and insights into the providing of Product aggregation and Comparison services, as well as the Report on Good Practices on Comparison Websites, issued by the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority[1].


Here is the current list of FSPs that WellSpent has entered into referral relationships with:

  • Flagstone Risk Consultants, FSP No. 30231



[1] Report on Good Practices on Comparison websites, EIOPA-CCPFI-13/100 (30 January 2014)

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