Critical illness cover

Just when you thought you were fully insured

It goes by many names (Dread Disease, for example) but it’s all the same thing; an insurance policy that pays you an amount of money if you…

The insurance you don’t want, but absolutely need

The big, annoying hole in Medical Aid cover

We’re all familiar with medical aid schemes, which help you avoid your worst fear as suggested by the media – ending up in a state hospital. But…

What is wealth?

Our experts weigh in

For a while now we’ve talked about wealth, used the word rather liberally, and cunningly steered clear of defining it. We have however admittedly hinted that savings may…

Taxed if you do, taxed if you don’t

Taxes, Life insurance and Income protection

Over the last two articles, we’ve talked about protecting your greatest asset: you. As part of this discussion we need to now talk about the tax consequences…

Expenses: Tracked and marked for destruction

One full month

At the beginning of last month, I started doing the first bit of legwork towards actually becoming financially awesome: expense tracking. The term “Expense Tracking” is so…

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