Legolas! What do your expense-tracking eyes see?

Knowing where you are, an important part of knowing where to go

Life, the universe, and everything In my last post, I wrote about what gives my life meaning, what meaning money has for me, and posed the question:…

Enough is enough

But how much is enough?

A side note on the idea of “enough”. An interesting idea that the more clued-up members of the WellSpent team exposed me to; the idea of “enough”….

Do this right and wealth will follow

Easy to say. Not so easy to do.

The ‘not-very-secret’ mathematical formula for creating wealth and achieving the future you’re hoping for is not a complicated one, which is why this is probably the shortest…

‘Plan’ is the new ‘Budget’

Plotting your financial trajectory

When you signed up for this journey you might have wondered if we’d ever drop the “B” word, adamant that if we did that you’d move on,…

Samuel Seeff

Property Investment

We were very fortunate to have Samuel Seeff give of his time and share this thoughts on what it means to own residential property in South Africa…

People who Rock

Take Charge of Your Money TaxTim