All business is risky.

And how to spot an investment con-artist.

Following on from your new found appreciation for how efficient our stock markets are, and how you should rather focus on earning a fair return than expecting…

We don’t “play” the stock market. We “work” it.

Efficient markets

This is the article that glues together all that we’ve preached about how you need to be an investor, not speculate, and ultimately that your road to…

Asset classes

All the best ways to make money

In our two most recent articles, we discussed what it might mean to ‘retire’ and that how retirement is defined is largely up to you, but one…


What to do when you’ve left it late

I’ve been thinking a lot about retirement recently. Not because I would normally think about it, but because the WellSpent editors and Jason, my sombrero-wearing, bike-crashing financial…

What is Retirement?

We asked a few of our guests what it meant to them

In our introductory article on retirement, we defined what it might mean to “retire”. As our guests reveal, it’s something quite personal. Either way, our goal is…

People who Rock

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