Late Starter Journey

Journey-Man thinks that he may have left saving and investing too late. Follow him on his journey of discovery as he tries to answer the question – ‘Have I left it too late?’

Credit Card War!


Hey fellow traveler, it’s me again – Journey-Man, Truth Time I don’t need a credit card. In my war on debt, my credit cards are Public Enemy…

Tracking My Expenses

Tracking Intentionally!

Tracking Expenses!   Journey-Man here again, Last time on the LSJ* (It’s just like Survivor!) I am on the way now. I’ve spent time on introspection and…

I Need A Scoreboard?

We need to know if we are winning

Hey, it’s me again. the Journey-Man I’ve been thinking about the scoreboard. I spent some time this week looking back to make sure that I haven’t forgotten…


Catch-Up Time!

Hey there, it’s me again, Journey-Man. It has been quite an interesting few weeks and I just wanted to do a quick catch-up before we move ahead….

Knowing vs Doing

Emergency Funds and Spending!

Knowing isn’t doing! Hey fellow traveller! It’s Journey-Man here again, I was listening to someone this week, talking about living life the way we should and he…

People who Rock

Take Charge of Your Money TaxTim