Late Starter Journey

Journey-Man thinks that he may have left saving and investing too late. Follow him on his journey of discovery as he tries to answer the question – ‘Have I left it too late?’

Budget Basics

If you don't have a budget, you probably have a problem

Hi There, it’s me Journey-Man again and I’m working on my budget! This time around I am talking through some of the basics of budgeting. Believe me,…

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Sign-Up to Kickstart! Based on the amazing feedback received from our readers we’ve worked out that the Journey-Man is not alone. There are many of us struggling…

Financial Plan?

My Secret Money Life & Budgets

Hey fellow travelers, it’s me again, Journey-Man and I’m considering a personal financial plan. As I continue the Late-Starter Journey I realise that my financial life has worked…

Financially Fat or Fit?

It may be time to lose some weight!

Are you financially fat or are you financially fit? Not too long ago I was overweight. I really didn’t like my stomach and spent a lot of…

Do we have any financial options?

Or are we chained to our mistakes?

Hey fellow traveler, it’s me Journey-Man and I’ve been wondering, when it comes to my financial future, do I have any real financial options? “Do we have any…

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