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Welcome to Jon’s Blog!

Jon’s blog is a personal finance blog written about real-life experiences and situations that pertain to posts on the WellSpent site. If you have a look at the Journey Viewer you’ll see how these fit in as responses to financial principles laid out in the Deep Pockets series.

The original Jon spent a year writing about his own financial journey starting with an introduction in Jon Grows Up and ending with a post on how he quit his day job to follow his dreams. This unfortunately means that he has left the WellSpent team along with his witty and insightful blogs.

No need to stress though as I will be taking over the blog. My name isn’t Jon but I’ve decided to leave the blog as it is and simply continue to share personal experiences of my financial journey and musings.

Have a look at my first post “A new Jon” and follow my financial journey,

Note: This blog does not contain financial advice but rather insights to experiences and knowledge along with a healthy dose of common sense.

Financial advisors: They’re human too.

Apparently. We're awaiting further tests.

This is my new financial advisor, Jason. As you can see, Jason is not a monster. This was a surprise to me, as I assumed that all…

The really really easy way to set up an emergency fund

You’re one giant leap closer to financial awesomeness.

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Expenses: Tracked and marked for destruction

One full month

At the beginning of last month, I started doing the first bit of legwork towards actually becoming financially awesome: expense tracking. The term “Expense Tracking” is so…

How to set up an emergency fund

Step 1

Hi there. In this short blog post I’ll rough out my own emergency fund, hopefully giving you a good example of how to tackle yours. Then, in…

Half-way mark

Expense tracking

Well, it’s been about two weeks of expense tracking thus far, and here’s what I’ve learned: There are a lot of little things. It’s very easy to…

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