Financial advisors: They’re human too.

Apparently. We're awaiting further tests.

Financial advisors: They’re human too.

This is my new financial advisor, Jason.


As you can see, Jason is not a monster. This was a surprise to me, as I assumed that all financial advisors were puppy-kickers. He was recommended by a friend, it turns out we went to the same school, and he has some really nice ties. That’s about all the evidence I need.

Try to get a recommendation.

As I said, I met Jason through a mutual friend (hi, Ed!) and since I happened to be looking for a financial advisor as a part of my ongoing finance journey, I sat down with him for an hour so that he could break down the basics of wealth protection for me. Wealth generation comes later. For now I need to make sure my money is like a rhino with a genetic defect that makes it unable to grow a horn – totally safe.

Financial protection: The simple version.

So using pictures, wooden blocks, and playdough, Jason explained Life insurance, income protection, dread disease cover, gap cover, and my RA (Retirement Annuity. Here’s the short version of what those are:

  1. Life cover – Oh no, I’m dead! Pay me.
  2. Income protection – Oh no! I hyt mi hed and forgt howw tu spl. I cant werk. Pay me.
  3. Dread disease cover – Oh no I’ve got a dreadful disease (good name). Pay me.
  4. Gap cover – Oh no, specialists cost more than medical aid pays. Pay them for me.
  5. RA – Oh no, old age is coming! I must remember to pay me.

Almost everyone will need pretty much all of those things, because nothing in life can be easy or simple. You can’t just buy “bad-things insurance” and be covered for anything. It’s not that easy.

But it wasn’t exactly difficult either. It wasn’t long before Jason had mapped out a plan for me, and a week later he had done all the clever maths and I ended up with a monthly premium that I can handle.

I found the experience to be very easy, and everything Jason said correlated with everything I’ve learned from WellSpent. So I’m proud to say that I’m now a much more financially secure individual. Once I have had a while for that concept to settle in a bit, I’ll start to think of ways to actually MAKE some money.

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