Enough is enough

But how much is enough?

Enough is enough

A side note on the idea of “enough”.

An interesting idea that the more clued-up members of the WellSpent team exposed me to; the idea of “enough”.

How much is enough, specifically in terms of money? Here’s where the trouble begins.

My mode of thinking is traditional: “Work throughout your life to make enough money to retire in a cat food-free environment”. And because I’m financially clueless, I just don’t know how much money is enough, so the inevitable solution to the unanswerable question is to just make as much money as I possibly can for as long as I can and hope that I’ll have enough when I can no longer earn money.

That’s crazier than two drunk crayfish on a reality show sponsored by Cray Computing (the ones from Jurassic Park, and that movie was CRAY).

How much better would life be if I KNEW how much money I needed to live the life I want?

Once I have that figure, I could work backwards to figure out how much I need to earn and save in order to hit that figure, and then scale back the amount and intensity of work and stress I deal with in my daily life in order to maximize my enjoyment of my life NOW.

I hope that over the next few months, WellSpent will be able to help me figure out how much money I need to live the life I want. The alternative is like being in a small, pitch-dark room, looking for my ideal future, represented by a priceless porcelain vase from the Ming Dynasty (those dudes were all about vases). So I’m in the dark room, blindly grabbing for the vase, and I’m either going to miss it entirely (cat food for dinner), or I’m going to knock it off the shelf entirely and end up as a workaholic with no friends and a big house that I don’t really like.

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