A new “Jon”

A new “Jon”

Hi! I’m the “new Jon” (even though my name isn’t Jon) and I’ll be taking over this awesome blog.

So where’s the old Jon?

All good things come to an end and the real Jon has unfortunately left the WellSpent team. Have a look at his final post on 7 things I learnt that helped me quit my day job and follow my dreams.

It’s been a great journey and we thank Jon for his year-long contribution. Bon vogue on your new journey!

Who is this “new Jon”?

It’s been a few days of uhm-ing and ahh-ing as I’ve decided whether or not to take over where Jon left. It’s quite a daunting task to write about personal experiences with money and to be open and honest about the good as well as the bad. There are so many great articles in the Deep Pockets series that really require some action and now it’s up to me to figure out how to implement these principles into my own circumstances.

I’m just a regular 40-year old working at a corporate company and I think that I’m doing okay financially. I got married a year ago and my partner & I are slowly learning how to deal with joint finances when we both have different priorities and thoughts on money. I’m lucky to say that we have no debt besides our home loan (which we’re working hard at paying off) and generally speaking things are okay.

This however has not always been the case and I have experienced what I’d term “rock bottom” in the sense that I had more debt that I could manage. I’ve had multiple credit cards maxed out, overdraft on my bank account, debit orders bouncing about like tennis balls and car finance for a car which was stolen (without me having insurance). Things have been tough and I’ve made some rather silly decisions. I write from a place of understanding financial difficulties and I also know that it’s possible to completely turn things around and to live a debt-free and mostly stress-free life. It’s not easy though and the journey is slow. But it’s possible!

What to expect

You can expect posts on personal experiences, situations and financial decisions that need to be made. These situations probably won’t match your circumstances but I’m hoping to share insights and give you things to think about.

I imagine that most of my posts with follow on from principles laid out in the Deep Pockets series but sometimes they might just touch on financial issues that I’m dealing with at the time of writing. I’ll also definitely reference some of my favourite blogs and possibly even have the odd guest writer share some thoughts. One of my current favourite blogs is Take Charge of Your Money (the name says it all) so you can definitely expect some collaboration there.

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The new “Jon”

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