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Welcome to Jon’s Blog. (Live studio audience applause)

I’m a complete fool when it comes to finance, and this blog is the record of my attempts to remedy that, with the help of WellSpent.

I will become the living proof that even a half-hipster creative-writing major can throw off the shackles of ignorance, and put on the sweet leather jacket of Personal Finance awesomeness.

I’ll be reading WellSpent’s series of articles carefully, responding to them and enacting their advice to the best of my ability. Then I’ll report back with relatively coherent rants and raves that will give you a dude’s-eye-view of the entire personal finance journey.

If I can do it, you can do it. I got 19% for Grade 11 Maths for pity’s sake.

I think Personal Finance websites are mostly boring, so I try not to be. My blogs will be word-rodeos, out-of-control grammarcoasters with no brakes and no logical safety-restraining bar. I hope you enjoy the ride.


7 things I learned that helped me quit my day job and follow my dreams

For real

Ola! Long time no see! Apologies to my die hard fan for being out of touch for so long (hi, mom!). The editors of WellSpent have asked…

Monkey see, monkey make prudent financial choices

The difference between knowing what to do with money and understanding money.

There’s probably an app for that. In a world of listicles, do-it-yourself websites, YouTube tutorials, and online learning platforms, how many people are learning the foundations of…


What to do when you’ve left it late

I’ve been thinking a lot about retirement recently. Not because I would normally think about it, but because the WellSpent editors and Jason, my sombrero-wearing, bike-crashing financial…

Financial advisors: They’re human too.

Apparently. We're awaiting further tests.

This is my new financial advisor, Jason. As you can see, Jason is not a monster. This was a surprise to me, as I assumed that all…

The really really easy way to set up an emergency fund

You’re one giant leap closer to financial awesomeness.

Well, hello there. You’re looking financially literate today. The serious bit. Today I want to take you through the process of setting up your Emergency Fund, step…

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