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WellSpent strives to provide our readers with full transparency in all that we do. This is further discussed in our Privacy Policy as well as our Terms of use and Disclaimer. Further to our efforts to remain transparent in all our offerings, we’ve included this note which explains where and how we pay for the hard work that our Editorial staff are so committed to and where we might make money.

WellSpent may choose to enter into relationships with select registered financial services providers (‘FSP’), whereby WellSpent may earn a referral fee from such FSP for introducing a WellSpent reader to that FSP, in relation to a financial product or service that a WellSpent reader has expressed interest in through our website. In such circumstances, this will again be drawn to your attention at the time that you express interest in the product or service on our website.

You are also encouraged to read our policy on Product aggregation and comparison terms of use.

We maintain a list of all registered FSPs with whom we have a professional relationship. This list can be found below

Here is the current list of FSPs that WellSpent has entered into referral relationships with:

  • Saphire Wealth Procurement, FSP No. 42801

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