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What’s in an asset management brand?

Should you hop on the finance bandwagon?

In one of the most critical articles we’ve published since starting WellSpent, we explained what the theory of efficient markets is and how index investing earns you…

The insurance you (still) don’t want, but (still) absolutely need

Let's recap

In our very first article on Gap cover, we drew your attention to the legal differences between Gap cover and medical aids. We purposefully didn’t delve into…

How to Pay Less Tax in South Africa

No really

Having just passed the deadline for submitting tax returns to SARS, you’ve likely reflected on the amount of money that you’ve handed over to SARS during this…

Tax-Free Savings Accounts

Are they even a thing?

A lot of people have written about tax-free savings accounts since they first appeared a couple of years ago but how often do you hear anyone talking…

4 retirement traps to avoid

But all is not lost

Retirement is an idea that’s woven deeply into the fabric of our culture but, like everything, it didn’t always exist. The short version is that retirement was…

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