Deep Pockets

The good, the fad, and the ugly

Your money or your life

You think you can ignore advertising, but you can’t. To test this, imagine wearing the house brand fashion label for Pep Stores or Shoprite. If that idea…

The ‘Everything you should know about tax’ article

A collection of snippets from all our prior tax articles

Given that we’re moving on from tax season (you still have until November to submit your tax return), we thought we’d compile a collection of super-useful &…

Are Financial Advisors worth it?

An article on Financial Advisors, Trust, and accepting some humility

Money is a funny thing. When you don’t have it, you stress about paying the bills – when you do have it, you worry that you’re going…

How to not screw up your short-term insurance

Because it's so easy to do

One thing we haven’t talked much about here at WellSpent is short-term insurance. Not that it isn’t important – far from it. We had up until now…

Pet Insurance

They already have more expensive food than you

A slight deviation from our usual unapologetic rants about personal finance and paying investment fees for things that add no value, for a brief personal account of…

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