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Debt Problems?

Maybe it's time

Do you have debt problems? If you have debt, you may have debt problems and it may just be time to consider debt counselling. For many people,…

SA household savings crisis: SA ranked last

EXTERNAL SITE CONTENT According to analysis done by savings fintech start up, South African’s household savings rate comes last when ranked against the G20 countries. This is…

Pay less tax? Is there a way?

No Really

Pay Less Tax? I am sure that many of us have thought about how we can pay less tax. As you’ve worked through the tax season, you’ve…

Retirement Funds and Divorce

What Portion and How Much Tax?

As ugly as divorce is, if it happens it can affect the accrued savings in your retirement fund. In this article I would like to give you…

Listen up, late starters

Building a sound retirement strategy when you’re slow off the mark

One of the more common questions we get asked, is along the lines of: “What do I do if I’ve left retirement saving a bit late in…

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