We don’t “play” the stock market. We “work” it.

Efficient markets

This is the article that glues together all that we’ve preached about how you need to be an investor, not speculate, and ultimately that your road to…

Asset classes

All the best ways to make money

In our two most recent articles, we discussed what it might mean to ‘retire’ and that how retirement is defined is largely up to you, but one…

Retire like a tortoise

The difference between investing and speculating.

Having recently started on our series of articles about ‘retirement’ we feel it’s essential to explain a few core principles that will underpin your retirement savings.  They…

Getting old without getting poor

Talking about retirement is a massive responsibility.

Few words in personal finance evoke as much fear, excitement and shoulder-shrugging as retirement does, and justifiably so. For some, it’s the day you give your employer…

Getting rid of debt

Two of the best ways to pay it off

At WellSpent, we often say (and write) that personal finance is as much about your mind as it is about maths. Your relationship with money and what…

People who Rock

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