Where and how to start investing

Part 1

Over the last few weeks, we’ve explained some crucial principles about investing and what you should anticipate when you get around to actually depositing some money with…

Diversification: A big word for spreading your bets

On not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Why are we having this discussion? Now that you understand asset classes and that each one has its own set of risks and returns, you can apply…

Index Funds

Follow the market for long-term financial success

In our last article we discussed how costs that add no value can, over time, decimate your long-term wealth generation ambitions. One of the challenges we presented…

Compounded costs.

The dark side of the compounding force

The clever will talk about the power of compound returns, but the truly sophisticated will realise that as sure as compound returns help to grow your wealth…

All business is risky.

And how to spot an investment con-artist.

Following on from your new found appreciation for how efficient our stock markets are, and how you should rather focus on earning a fair return than expecting…

People who Rock

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