How to take the pain out of offshore investments

What’s the Rand at today?

Being South Africans, the Rand’s performance relative to other major currencies is often a topic for conversation and expletives. The media loves to report on Rand weakness…

Unit Trusts and Tax

The most boring, useful thing you'll read all week

We’ve done a lot of talking about unit trusts to date and that’s for good reason. Unit trusts permeate so many facets of our financial lives, from…

Dissecting the unit trust

Know what you're buying into

In this article, we’re going to deviate from our norm and take you through what a unit trust fund fact sheet looks like and what it all…

Investing offshore

Should you send your money on a holiday without you?

As a quick refresher, we’ve explained to you how risk is required to generate a real return over time, and that should you wish to generate a…

What does “pay yourself first” even mean?

Defeating inaction – automated style

To pay yourself first, simply means to prioritise saving or investing, above all other things. Rather than scrounge around at the end of the month to see…

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