Late-Starter Journey

PART 3 : What have you already packed for the journey?

Unpacking before we pack. Let’s agree on what we are taking with us. Hi there, Journey-Man here again! Now that I have come to terms with the…

Late-Starter Journey

PART 2 : Gathering Information

Gathering information or gathering storm? It’s Journey-Man here again, the late-starter! What a strange week this has been. Last week, as a late-starter, I decided to start thinking…

Late-Starter Journey

PART 1 : Are you also worried that you may have left things too late?

Journey?   I met a guy recently, I will call him Journey-Man. Journey-Man is a guy who started asking himself some tough questions about savings and investments….

Retirement Funds and Divorce

What Portion and How Much Tax?

As ugly as divorce is, if it happens it can affect the accrued savings in your retirement fund. In this article I would like to give you…

A new “Jon”

Hi! I’m the “new Jon” (even though my name isn’t Jon) and I’ll be taking over this awesome blog. So where’s the old Jon? All good things…

People who Rock

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  2. Our recent relationship with TaxTim; no better way to make sure that your tax return is filed correctly.

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