The TFSA Q & A Series

Getting to know tax free savings accounts

WellSpent is pleased to present the Tax Free Savings Accounts Q & A Series. We love tax free savings accounts and, given the many advantages of TFSA’s,…

Debt Problems?

Maybe it's time

Do you have debt problems? If you have debt, you may have debt problems and it may just be time to consider debt counselling. For many people,…

Join the Kickstart!

Start the journey with a seven day Kickstart!

Sign-Up to Kickstart! Based on the amazing feedback received from our readers we’ve worked out that the Journey-Man is not alone. There are many of us struggling…

Financial Plan?

My Secret Money Life & Budgets

Hey fellow travelers, it’s me again, Journey-Man and I’m considering a personal financial plan. As I continue the Late-Starter Journey I realise that my financial life has worked…

Are TFSA’s Important?

Are there better options?

In this article we will answer the next TFSA questions as part of the WellSpent TFSA Q&A Series. Q12: Are TFSA important savings vehicles given the South African…

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